Smart Guide to Getting a Passport Card

08 Aug

Having a passport is very important as it is the ticket to touring the world and you will have the access to virtually all types of trips exposure to various cultures and also escape your country whenever necessary.on the other hand, if you o not have one you will miss many opportunities ranging from international business meetings to family a get-together with your relatives abroad. If you have therefore set your mind to get a passport card then you have made the right decision and you are lucky to be reading the right site which gives you an ultimate guide on how to get one.

Your first step is to plan for an appointment with a passport acceptance facility which has been approved by the relevant authorities. Once you have your appointment approved you should now look for all the documents required to apply for one . These documents include those that prove your identities such as your driving license, government identification card or a naturalization addition to these that prove identity, it is paramount that you carry those that prove your citizenship such as a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or a consular report for those who were born abroad to parents who are U.S citizens. When doing this it is good that you carry the originals and not photocopies of the documents together with two passport photos. View this website about passport.

The next step is to get to the nearest cyber cafe and fill the online passport application form which you will print and carry to the passport office. On filling the online form and printing it you are supposed to take it unsigned to the office and you sign it when you are told to do so. Start now!

Having followed the above steps it is important to also have information on passport fees you will incur to get your card. The first item you will pay for is the passport book which whose fees ranges from 135 to 105 Dollars and the ID sized passport card going for around 55 Dollars. You will also pay an execution fee of 25 Dollars if you are applying for the first time and you should pay all these us passport fees using a money order or a cheque. Also important to know is the turnaround time which is between four to six weeks if yours is a routine service and two to three weeks for if you are willing to pay an extra 60 Dollars to have it delivered faster.

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